MAS Global Consulting at Agile2017

September, 2017

Last August we had the honor to sponsor Agile2017, a premier IT Conference by Agile Alliance. MAS Global was very proud to be the only Sponsor with a hybrid onshore / nearshore offering from Colombia /Latin America, as a smart way to build top performing software development teams. These events offer a great chance to connect with the global Agile community and hopefully through our visual recap you will get a flavor of our experience.

There were hundreds of sessions grouped in tracks and multiple ways to learn and connect with other attendees. Many of you attended the KeyNote & traditional speaker sessions. Others also took part in the OpenJam & LeanCoffee gatherings. Or maybe you enjoyed the AgileTonight talk-show style with multiple experts. Needless to say, Agile Alliance offered content and venues for every style and expertise level. By the end of the last day, everyone seemed to leave energized, full of new knowledge to share, and ready to continue their own Agile journey at their organizations.

KeyNote Sessions: Speakers & links to Agile Alliance.

  • David Marquet

    ... "Leadership is not for the select few at the top. In highly effective organizations, there are leaders at every level. Creating Intent-Based Leadership organizations results in a workplace where everyone engages and contributes their full intellectual capacity. A place where people are healthier and happier because they have more control over their work - a place where everyone is a leader." ...

    "You need to create a team that will execute the job without you telling them what to do" David went over how we need everyone thinking, more blue people vs red people (how the nature of the work has changed from "Red" repetitive work to "Blue" thinking, decision making

  • ... "Since the Continuous Delivery book came out in 2010, it's gone from being a controversial idea to a commonplace... until you consider that many people who say they are doing it aren't really, and there are still plenty of places that consider it crazy talk." ...

  • David Marquet

    ... "Creating can be a tortured process. Sadly, this torture is often self-inflicted. The angst is not inherent in the creative process itself, but instead comes from the fears we have around our ability to produce. These fears manifest as the Inner Critic, which is the largest block to the flow of original ideas. But there's good news: you can break the power that Inner Critic wields over you to become a creative powerhouse!" ...

Some of the Key Themes at Agile2017

Jez Humble "Make releases boring"
"to Technical Health"

"When Agile started it was all about Dev, with DevOps we Invited IT Ops to the party" Dominica Degrandis

Agile2017 in Pictures, Sketchnotes & Tweets

Day 1. Hello "Agile2017"

Getting Started ...

The "Team"

Exhibition Hall - Food & Drinks

Work and fun

Our selection of Tweets & Sketchnotes

MAS Global at Agile2017 - Thank you to our visitors for stopping by. We’re glad that our colombian coffee & webcam covers were a hit!

Mas Global

Whether you were among the 2200 attendees of Agile2017 or not, we hope this gives you a flavor of our experience at the conference, and the Agile topics you will likely be hearing about- at least until Agile2018! We hope to see you there. @MASGlobalCo

By Monica Hernandez, MAS Global Consulting Founder & CEO and Alejandro Castano, Nearshore Development Director MAS Global Consulting is a boutique IT consulting firm that offers a full range of Agile and software development expertise. Our hybrid nearshore and onshore model leverages Agile-ready consultants in the US & Colombia, South America. Working in the same time zone, we maximize collaboration and minimize communication challenges to speed up delivery of valuable software.

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